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Graphic Designer at 23andMe

23andMe (2021 - 2023) - Full time

While working for 23andMe, I gained a love for science and the power of genetics research and health studies. There, I worked with a team of visual and product designers to create compelling designs. Designs powered by science and study.


One of my greatest accomplishments at the company was rebranding the Lemonaid Health pharmacy packaging + website. In 2022, 23andMe had acquired Lemonaid Health and so I was tasked with creating a co-branded between the joined companies. With direction to follow the 23andme brand colors, type, and Lemonaid Health's illustration style, the co-brand began to take shape and launched successfully

I also worked on many projects such as print, marketing design, product design, packaging, branding, campaign work, paid ads, social media, email, and more. 

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